Halloween Guardians!

Find out the original hacker or spirit that made the Salem Village Indians tell me they weren’t acting and Julie so into voice intonation. Pre Snowden silent speech squealed… Involuntary ewwww

Figure out to attract people physically like Julie did leaning in on me talking about old psych drugs. Not stumble and fall like I did once not hitting anything, like a jerk. Pattie did after saying stop squealing. Newtown did. Newton did. Without the W. Without the duck. Without insulting Monty Pythons Mother. Outback waitress stumbled or I hallucinated it all.

I witnessed a jarring miracle about a day or two ago. I had my body shake. I saw a weird abberation maybe like that interstellar movie. It was like a line through space and time. I was thinking it’d be cool to see a little preview of the red house and the pink house without going through red. See my blog about houses and maybe Elons right about the great Pyramids and my friend Ricky who wanted me to shoot a bird with him.

I was overwhelmed with signals. That’s why I didn’t report this one. At a bar I saw a sign that said exit then said call. It was a reflection turned hallucination. I only take legal drugs.

Inserted thought to think of Eves parents as so cool like Bryan and Paul Bente, who were also cool with me and Ricky starting fires. He also started them. Camping is fun.

4 Houses
This is like South Park. Whatever that disclaimer said.

White House

Joe Biden

Green House

N Sync, Andy Rubin inventor of Android, Andy Triboletti from greenrobot.com, Any Apple recruiters named Andy

Pink House

Britney Spears

Grey House

Rachel Grey, Sasha Grey

Alien Gladiator Scene with God’s and goddesses




The Devil


Hindu 2 people
My phone was hacked and this note was deleted from my blog.

Santa Claus

Steve Jobs

Super Star Sluts


Please don’t delete anymore of my notes or send rude messages in my name.

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