Read this if you care about not being cyber hacked and me being cyber hacked:

My note about saving the Small Business Administration loan number and receipt info was deleted and then emptied from the trash category on iCloud notes. I messaged Apple on Twitter and they restored the note for me. I changed my Apple password. I have sent at least 1 email that wasn’t me, but not to you. I have changed my Google password (after reinstalling the OS on the computer)

A few days ago I reset my iPhone. It stopped working completely after resetting all content and settings. It now has a progress bar at 95% restored. I changed my phone to a spare Android. I think it got a virus by me being a developer and connecting it to my Macbook to develop apps when my Mac had a virus or multiple viruses. I used Google Fi for my new network for my Android phone.I recommend if your iPhone is sending weird texts that you are confident you didn’t send, immediately delete all contents and settings if you have a backup phone.

After doing this the phone stopped working completely. It’s better than sending messages you didn’t as long as you have a spare.I recommend reinstalling Mac OS every so often. I thought an update would take care of the viruses, but no. I should have done this earlier. It took me a while to remember this.I reinstalled my OS on my Macbook and now weird tweets aren’t appearing when I’m using the Twitter app. I was looking at Donald Trump’s tweet, and @whitehouse popped up without me clicking anything. I can also type the address of a small business, which website I run, into safari without it being deleted and never working.

All my Dreamhost sites of small businesses which I run, and my open space blog, started going down about 1 every hour a few days ago. I emailed Dreamhost with each one, and they were able to fix it. I’ve been a customer since 2006. It’s shared hosting. They’re very smart and fast.

Do you know the address I could return my iPhone for further investigation so it doesn’t happen to anyone else in America or friends of America? It’s not working at all for me. I don’t want to go to the Apple Store during a pandemic.

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