Controlling a motor with an encoder with an Arduino

I ordered this motor:

uxcell DC 12V 7RPM Self-Locking Worm Gear Motor with Encoder and Cable, High Torque Speed Reduction Motor

I have an Arduino Uno and a 12 Volt battery supply from 8 AA batteries from my previous project.

I found a few tutorials:

Tutorial for DC Gear Motor With Encoder

Tutorial for Monster Motor Shield VNH2SP30

This new motor is slower but has more torque than the motors I used in my last attempt at an autonomous robot.

The older motors had

Torque: 30 N*cm

According to Wolfram Alpha that’s:

3.059 kgf cm kilogram-force centimeters.

This new motor has

I ordered a few items on Ebay:

NEW MEGA 2560 R3 Development Board CH340G ATMEGA 2560 Kit USB Cable For Arduino

1pcs Dual VNH2SP30 Stepper Motor Driver Module Monster Moto Shield Replace L298N

3/4/5/6/12mm Rigid Flange Coupling Motor Guide Shaft Coupler Metal Bearing Seat( 142461587108 )

Specification: 8mm

Quantity: 4

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