Sockington, an internet cat known on Twitter died yesterday. He was 18. Jason Scott’s cat..Very very funny. Cats are such spiritual beings. Dogs and horses too. All day yesterday i was thinking of fish and growing herbs aquaponically. I bought a new sharks 3d printer. I bought a fish tank. Learned just now the cat died. Im a Tennesee Rat Trapper on Twitter.

Men in Black

I lost my Google Pixel 6 phone. I’m on my iPhone now. I watched MIB where in the first scene there is one alien that Wil Smith and the other one stop and pull over along with a bunch of other immigrants. The aliens first name was Mikey. We had a dog named Mikey. A Rottweiler and German Shepard. He was cool.

I noticed in the news 51 immigrants were killed in the worst smuggling event in history. We’re any real aliens captured? How long will they be held?

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This is what happens when a machine overheats

I didn’t write some of those words. Some were removed. No best friend to review notes to God like a huge dramatic email about Poppop. Hacked. Ghosted. It rewrote my image on Alexa cool inventions.

My rap. I’m not sure of myself. It makes me sound like Muhammad Ali. Forced.

Listen to Let me back on roomies.mp3 by Andy on #SoundCloud

I’ve got a rap about Bees and Matrix Alien stuff and me mind reading the 4 hostile colonies I read about on the news weeks ago, and helping people on Earth. Julie’s got it. Reviewing my Mp3. A lot of Jesus Innuendo to make me think it’s not Nazis vs Jews in all sectors. There are Buddhism stories to tell about art creation and the virgin Mary. I’m up for being a big ol Bee daddy if it takes that.

I can’t link shit in outer space. Not Instagram to Twitter in comments or WordPress to Sound cloud. I’m on cloud 8. Damn you Simpsons cloud joke!!!