People shouldn’t make fun of the term gangstalking

This phone is not good. My photos disappear this post itself disappeared from my Facebook wall. It was still on Intervoice.

Check out the video below

I was gangstalked last night.
I went to a concert that had the header I’m lost don’t follow me. I should have taken a screenshot of it. It was on edmtrain app. I signed up for it. I think it was a phishing site for my credit card. Charge didn’t show up yet. I don’t have an email. It was at a difficult location, in Philly. In Philly like the Mindfreedom event after I was committed in Philly. At Fairmount Behavioral Health.

I was followed. Also the cars in front of me were nice to reveal themselves in magic numbers. My cell phone starts at 857. I went to a hostel and was kicked out. I asked if she was in the CIA three times. All three times she said yes. I was talking to her, scared. During a snow storm in May in Denver Colorado. Ember is the name. The address is 857. This was a few days before a school shooting that happened I think cause the government shadowbanned him and gave him a person in Germany to virtually text who was mean to him probably.

I think I hear silent speech sometimes due to being near my phone. Aliens know me. They’re angry at me. Even if I shut my phone off I wouldn’t stop hearing silent speech cause these stalkers with magic numbers follow me.

It takes 2 to be true. I also say 621 on a license plate. The day was asked publicly to work for the UN, my sister fell down the stairs suspiciously, and someone on Twitter followed me who I was in love with in Detroit. Muslim US capital of the world. I didn’t capture 621 cause he was in the left lane and my god didn’t work all night in the city. Only on the highways. Drove around for hours, lost. The concert was called lost, dont follow.

It’s gangstalking. Do you guys have any proof like this?

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