Joshua Schulte cruel and unusual punishment in solitary. Let him go!

I drove 1 hr to get a massage and they had changed it to Chad from Leslie without telling me, so I left and went home. I am bummed. I’m thinking of emailing senator/s about Joshua Schulte in solitary. He alledgely leaked CIA phone hacking documents. I think he was framed. My phone has been hacked. Very harsh treatment for Joshua. Cruel and unusual. Constant 24/7 lights and blaring radio with nothing to do but twirl thumbs. Will you join me in writing Senators? Has Amnesty International commented on this case? Jim Gottstein of PyschRights once set up an email address that emailed hundreds of officials to stop ECT on Charls Helmer. It worked.

#HumanRightsWatch #AmnestyInternational #activism

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