I received $250 from a Google developer settlement – What about phone trojans like Pegasus?

Could i go to jail if i send the irs this statement and refuse to pay them what I owe from my audit until I get paid for the suffering caused by my phone being hacked:

I received $250 from a Google developer settlement – What about phone trojans like Pegasus?

Thank you for the payment info@googleplaydevelopersettlement.com.

Do you know any lawyers who would like to fight Google for allowing the Pegasus trojan on my phone, previously with Pixel 6?

I just got $250 from a Google settlement. I wish there was a settlement for people who’ve had Pegasus trojan send texts that werent written by me, sent cashapp to a person not authorized by me, and even more annoying stuff. Like interrupting a call to my mom with audio she only heard. Weird death threat involving thursdays from a voicemail transcription with the voice not saying the death stuff. Sending a bumble message not by me to a bizz connection. Rewriting text sms history. Sending tweets not in my name. Offensive and terrible Facebook posts not written by me. Once on a friend’s page. Rewriting at least 1 instagram comment on someone else’s page. Android keyboard grammar checker messing with posts as I wrote them, perfectly spelled words replaced. While I was sleeping sometimes with this stuff. My Mom will vouch she got a disturbing text while I was asleep. With my Pixel 6 a few years ago. Since Pixel 7 and on, no issues.

Jeff Bezos had his phone hacked with Pegasus. There was news about it.  Very bad thing happened because of it. Bloody murder. Do you know anyone else in the USA impacted?

I think I was targeted with Pegasus on my phone for having special abilities, a 6th sense, a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Ability to predict things inadvertently. Some coincidences can be found on my pinned X account andyt443.

I switched from Apple back then cause Apple iPhone also was acting bizarre, bad, hacked. Sending sms messages I didn’t write.

Andy Triboletti

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