Men in Black

I lost my Google Pixel 6 phone. I’m on my iPhone now. I watched MIB where in the first scene there is one alien that Wil Smith and the other one stop and pull over along with a bunch of other immigrants. The aliens first name was Mikey. We had a dog named Mikey. A Rottweiler and German Shepard. He was cool.

I noticed in the news 51 immigrants were killed in the worst smuggling event in history. We’re any real aliens captured? How long will they be held?

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Ultrasound sensor board not working

I have a problem with the octosonarx2 circuit board.

I may have messed it up because I think the ultrasound sensors are working ok. I got a pretty cool soldering device that holds circuit boards in place and also some thinner solder. I think I may have messed up the octox2 board by hooking the wires to the arduino incorrectly. A replacement is not available because it’s been on backorder at tindie for a week.


4 wheel drive and 2 distance sensors

My project now has 4 motors and 2 distance sensors. It detects if it will hit something according to its sensors and will head back in reverse.

Powered by 16 AA batteries and 1 9V

I am now waiting on a part from in order to connect more ultrasound distance sensors.