Laughing about this

Went to the local gas station today to get some melk, a daily local and donuts.I think it’s a 7-11 now. They showed me the terms of service on the screen after I entered my phone number to get a discount. Are people supposed to read the small print terms of service while everyone is trying to prevent community spread of COVID-19/the coronavirus? Even without the virus, why should they have the the terms on the screen while people are waiting. I didn’t read it. Shouldn’t they sms me a link to the terms. I just clicked accept cause I was trying to not hold up the line. Aren’t people supposed to have their lawyers read terms anyway? That’s what I do for important terms like things that aren’t month-to-month, but since I didn’t even read it how can I know if it’s important?

Code cleaning recommendations For Swift, Python3, PHP, Shell, and Android/Kotlin

Code cleaning recommendations For Swift, Python3, PHP, Shell, and Android/Kotlin:

Software developers, I use and recommend:
-SwiftLint (“swiftlint” from cmd line including “swiftlint autocorrect” and in Xcode)
-Pylint (“pylint3” from cmd line)
-PHP CodeSniffer (“phpcs” from cmd line, “phpcbf” from cmd line for automatic fixes, and in Visual Studio Code on Mac OS X)
-ShellCheck (“shellcheck” from cmd line)
-Android Lint (From Android Studio)

Sunday is for code cleaning…

Trump Retweets Meme That Jesus Likes Him Better Than Obama. Critics Raise Holy Hell.

Donald Trump tweeted this at 9:45 PM · Dec 27, 2019:…/status/1210753632976531456

Details here:

However if you go to his Twitter timeline and look for it, it’s not there?

Ask A Robot Rejected – I hope Writer’s Block: Idea Generator gets approved

My app “Ask a Robot” was denied because the content was not relevant to the questions, according to Apple review team.

I rebranded the app to be called Writer’s Block: Idea Generator, and just submitted it for review.

It’s an app based on openAI gpt-2.