First Face Shield Printed

Update: My build notes at NIH:


I used a custom cut mirror starting from 12×12 from Home Depot as the printing surface, and Simplify3d software to generate the gcode file, which set the nozzle to 210 and the bed to 60 on an Ender 3 Pro printer. Ask me if you need any help to replicate this. A second shield is printing now.

Mirror for bed:

Shopping List for face shield components beyond the 3d printed part:

3d printable NIH Face shield

Hand sanitizer in stock

FroggysFog has 1-Gallon Froggy’s Simply Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer (80% Alcohol) for $39.99 – $4 w/ coupon code WEBSP = $35.99. Shipping is free.

Make Face Shields using a 3d printer

Here’s a free design for making face shields to give away or sell at material cost.

Edit: Disinfection guidelines from Prusa:

Edit 2: Here’s a design that’s approved by NIH.

I found this for the clear plastic shield part because I don’t have a laser cutter:

I don’t know if that material will work or not. I hope so. I will keep you updated. The materials arrive on Monday. I ordered them on the 23rd.

Learn about mechanical ventilation and ventilators

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