Voltage Regulator for PCA9685 board and 7+ volt power supply

In my previous post https://blog.andytriboletti.com/which-servo-motor-im-using-for-my-arduino-project/ I mentioned I had a problem with the servo controller board I was using.

I followed the instructions here:

It says to use a max of 6 volts.

It also says to use -2 x 18650 Li-on Batteries which equal over 7 volts.

Since the board started smoking when the servo was hitting against the wheel, I decided to try a couple different things.

-Write an email to the people who wrote the wiki
-Buy a voltage regulator. I searched Amazon for “Voltage regulator” and found this:
-Stop causing the servo to hit against the wheel by buying a new regulator that didn’t have the problem of moving without instructions.
-Bought a replacement servo controller board. https://smile.amazon.com/SunFounder-PCA9685-Channel-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B014KTSMLA/

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