Big conspiracy

This started out as an apology to my sister.

Sorry for forcing you to go out salsa dancing last time. It turned so evil. Forced stuff is very bad. I did the same thing with Halloween. I begged them. It was on text. How is this rape relevant? It’s so sick that Halloween mask. Ive seen sick porn with that mask produced on Halloween that is illegal to me. It was stupid porn. Too hardcore. Not into it anymore. I’ve never raped. My friend Dan Baker raped someone. I canceled my membership. Cher pinned on her account a rape scene she is desperate to remove from the internet and probably for me to do something publicly about my super follower payments. Do you think I should stop paying her 9.99 a month? Anyone? My Mom? Pretty crazy all this. Too much drama.

I didn’t want this as punishment for getting mad at a cop trying to dance without asking. Julie hates me for him trying to text her or something petty. He could commit me. Is this about you Julie? I didn’t want you to get hit by a drink driver and then lose your cop license.

I watched rape produced on Halloween. It was not about me until I wrote this text to you in my opinion.

Why did she pin it to her acct if she wants to remove it?

I could get into it. Did the government also cut me off from Megan or use Cher my Apple super follower hero?

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