Installing Google DreamFusion on Windows 11

Follow these instructions to install windows subsystem for linux to get an ubuntu command line in Windows:

Install Stable Dreamfusion on Windows – Matt’s Homepage (

I couldn’t get stable-dreamfusion to install without using windows subsystem for linux. Here’s what I tried:

Installing Google DreamFusion on Windows 11: Using Cygwin and installing OpenBLAS separately.

I used cygwin to install all needed dependencies except OpenBLAS, which I installed from There is libopenblas in Cygwin but it didn’t work. I had to use wget to get the application from within the cygwin shell. I then cd into the directory, and ran make && make install.

I ran pip3 install -r requirements.txt in the stable-dreamfusion folder using cygwin shell.

In order to pip3 install scipy, I googled the error and found you should install the following first:

pip3 install cython pybind11 pythran
pip3 install numpy

I tried pip3 install scikit-learn, and it had an error. I tried pip3 install ninja, which was successful and retried pip3 install scitkit-learn.

Theres a list of dependencies here:

I got an error that mentioned PYBIND11 so I pip3 install pybind11.

I got an error that mentioned unable to find pip so I made an alias:

echo “alias pip=’pip3′” >> ~/.bash_profile

Through cygwin, I installed python39-matplotlib

I was not able to install scikit-learn!

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