Here are some coincidences.

Sacred Water Dog:

Catahoula means sacred lake in native american. Albert, my dog is a Catahoula. I got him about a month after I proposed to the PsychRights activism group to get Charles Helmer stopped from electroshock by creating a religion worshipping water for a religious exemption against forced electroshock torture. I can provide evidence if needed.

Ketchup Coincidence:

Here’s a cool coincidence

I covered up the word UFO and a newscaster with 2 ketchup packets and posted it on ig. A few weeks later 2 giant ketchups were removed from Pittsburg Steelers’ Stadium

Please check the links below.

Ketchup Links

10 ft alien found as predicted by me 1 yr ago:

I tweeted about it

There was a 10 ft alien found the same month i predicted it would happen.

Sphere Timing:

I blogged on July 1st about domes/spheres.

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas was debuted on July 4th.

Silent speech heard recently:

‘By 2026 there will be something major occurring with the Earth’s atmosphere. We need to get into space pronto.’ via silent speech

‘a global catastrophe, a nuclear implosion started it all.’ ‘it’s not global warming’

‘profit hog’ ‘russia’ ‘prussia’



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