Betrayal: David Russell to be Electroshocked Tomorrow

Betrayal: David Russell to be Electroshocked Tomorrow

Today, June 12th, around 2:00 PM, David was informed they are going to start electroshocking him against his will tomorrow.  They wouldn’t answer any of his questions, such as how many times they plan to electroshock him, what they expect to accomplish, or even why they decided to subject him to electroshock when they had previously informed him they were not going to.  David suspects it is because he has been telling them about the corruption he has knowledge of.  Even if David is incorrect about the corruption, it is no justification for electroshocking him.  If it is true, which probably at least some of it is, the electroshock could erase his memory about it.  Electroshock is sometimes used for just this sort of purpose. 

David witnessed another patient who was rendered unable to talk by electroshock and is terrified of that happening to him.  Whether it gets that bad or not, Electroshock always causes brain damage, usually including at least some memory loss.  It is unpredictable, but many people are brain damaged so much they can no longer engage in their profession or are otherwise disabled.

It is unlikely Mayo Clinic executives and especially trustees know about the despicable actions of their employees and this should be brought to their attention.  The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Michael Powell.  Powell is the President & CEO of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association, and is the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  The e-mail address we have found for him is

You can look at the e-mail Jim Gottstein sent Mr. Powell in the comments below.  Speaking of the comments, please let us know what you do on David’s behalf by putting it in the comments.  Copying and pasting e-mails works.  The system requires us to review comments so it might take a bit of time before it shows up.

We expect to be updating David’s Alert Page frequently in the next day or so with additional people to contact to try and stop the Mayo Clinic from electroshocking David.  I would hope Mr. Powell, or Eric Schmidt for that matter, who ran Google for ten years and is now the executive chairman of its parent company, would not be happy about bad publicity over this.  If you find information on how to contact Mr. Schmidt, or other members of the board of trustees, please let us know.  It also seems like a social media campaign could also be good–if we got some reach with it.  We could use some help with that, too.  If you initiate or participate in a social media campaign to stop David from being electroshocked, please also put that in the comments or otherwise let us know.  

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